The First Limousine Service

Before the first companies Limousine services, the elegant livery business of today underwent several changes throughout history. Yahoo! Voices contributor Cedric Lacroix briefly discussed how it all began. “The concept of having chauffeur driven vehicles dates back to the era of horse drawn carriages in the 1700s. The carriages were overstated with gold and were drawn by the best looking animals. The service was anticipated for the wealthy. In the 1900, some of the powered carriage were designed with 2 compartment. The chauffeur had a covered compartment outside and the other compartment, also was covered for the fare.
Horse-drawn carriages weren’t called “limousines” back then. The term only caught on in 1902, when the luxury carriages then were sedan manned by a chauffeur. The term originated from the hooded regional attire of the shepherds from the Limousin region of France. The cars then came to be called limousines because the chauffeur ( who lacked an enclosed cockpit area) had to wear apparel that closely resembled what the shepherds of Limousin wore.