Terms of Service

This Terms of Service is an agreement that governs your relationship with UltreLuxe.com (The “Company”) and the user of UltreLuxe.com referred to herein as the “Site” and the services available on such Site being referred to herein as the “Services”.

In this agreement, UltreLuxe shall refer to you and all of your employees, agents, affiliates and representative as “you”, and to the “Company” and it’s employees and agents as “we”, “us”, or “UltreLuxe.com”. Furthermore, the UltreLuxe Affiliate Member shall be referred to herein as “Affiliate” or “UAM”.This Agreement, will be referred to as the “Terms.” UltreLuxe reserves the right to add change, modify, remove or add portions of any of the Terms at any time.

1. Defined Terms

a. “User” means a person that visits the Site to search for and potentially order limousine services.

b. “Affiliate” means a limousine company that has agreed to join the UltreLuxe online network of limousine providers. Affiliates display their available vehicles based on the search criteria entered by a user on the Site.

c. “Partner” a company who promotes UltreLuxe through online marketing and advertising directories.

2. INTRODUCTION. UltreLuxe.com provides an online limousine service network for allowing site users to request limousine service in a certain area. UltreLuxe does NOT own or operate limousines, nor does UltreLuxe.com book reservations. The user of the site must book a reservation through the Affiliate that had agreed to join UltreLuxe.com marketplace of ground transportation providers. Affiliates display available inventory based on the search criteria entered by a user on the Site.

3. SERVICES. Upon entering your information and the request to which you would like service, we will provide you with a list of limousine companies in your area, if any, who may be interested in fulfilling your service needs, however, we do not guarantee a match to request with a limousine company or that there are even limousine companies in the area that can complete your service request.

UltreLuxe.com does not perform, and will not be responsible for, any of the services requested by you in your search request. The User uses UltreLuxe.com specifically as an arranger and not as a ground transportation service. Therefore, UltreLuxe.com makes the requested arrangements with the UAM in its own name, which results in the User gaining entitlement to transport over the Affiliate, also called (“Contract for Transport for the Benefit of the User”). By having this, User is entitled to demand transport services and other claims directly from the UAM. The User once visiting the Site, has the option to research or request limousine services with or without completing a client registration form. UltreLuxe will then send User an email confirming the receipt of service details for the limousine order which is to be arranged. The compensation claim of UltreLuxe consists of fees of arrangement as well as advanced payments made by UltreLuxe to the UAM.

The service agreement between Company and User for requested ground transportation comes into effect only through a (“Confirmation of Booking”) sent to User via email. At that point, User is then entitled to demand the transportation services and other claims directly on the Affiliate. Service disputes will most certainly arise periodically due to the nature of the business. Although we use due-diligence when examining UAM credentials, we make no guarantees concerning the skill of the representatives of each of the networks limousine providers. We do have a resolution process to assist you in resolving any situations that may arise through limousine service you booked through us. To help us better assist in this process, we ask the User to provide a comprehensive account of the dispute with the Affiliate. Without the requested information, we are unable to assist you in resolving this dispute, nor have we the ability to indemnify the service charges of the UAM.